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Muir Woods National Monument

Marin County, like much of the Northern California coastline, is home to majestic redwood tree groves. Most notably, Muir Woods National Monument. These are some of the oldest living things on the planet! photos: G.C. When John Muir learned that…
Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary

The Golden Gate Bridge just celebrated it’s 75th anniversary last year. It is one of the most iconic and beloved bridges on Earth. Website:
Tamalpais Union High School District Community Education

Tamalpais Union High School District Community Education, or Marin Learn for short, offers classes in arts, business, computers, finance, and more. Classes are taught by seasoned professionals in the community. They are typically located at either Redwood High, Drake High,…
The Beginning

Welcome to Marinspiration®. One part Marin, one part inspiration; the aim of Marinspiration® is to simply highlight locally made arts, goods, businesses, and other cool stuff unique to Marin County, California. photo: G.C.